Information about eccoo


The Equal Care Co-op

Who are we?

We are the Equal Care Co-op (eccoo for short) – a new care and support platform co-operative owned by the people who receive support and those who give it.

You can see our directors and membership structure (including becoming a member) at Our Co-op.

What's the plan?

Our goal is to offer amazing care and support which works from the perspectives of both the receiver and giver.

With the help of our community and our platform, we will introduce a fair, relationship-centred, community-led approach to care giving, where power is shared equally between the person giving, and the person receiving, care and support.

This also includes opportunities for people receiving support to offer their skills, experience and support to others, either on a paid or voluntary basis.

Is this the finished product?

The platform that you are on is a working trial, offering a trusted matching service for people who need support and people giving it. At the moment, we are only able to introduce givers and receivers to one another, however, we have bigger plans!

Tell me more...

To find out more about the vision we are working towards read our online booklet. If you would like to join in and help us make that vision a reality, go here to find out what we need.

If you just want to drop in every now and then and find out how we're doing you can see our updates on our Progress Page.